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For a lifetime of the exploration and enjoyment of BDSM and erotic interests. Custom made by hand for you and yours.

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You know what you need, you know what you want… and you want it to look good, take a spanking, and last longer than your bratty sub.

Do you want to hang your bunny from the canopy of a solid walnut bed frame that has enough hidden (or not) anchor points that your little shibari loving heart might orgasm just looking at it?

Not so deep into it and just want a sturdy bed to get rough on? I've got you too…

Maybe you’re real deep down the rabbit hole; How about locking your dirty little boy to a mahogany St. Andrew’s cross that actually just looks like a modern take on wall décor with hidden luxury soft close drawers to keep all of your flashy instruments of pleasurable pain safely away?

Maybe he’s tired of breaking kitchen tables when you mouth off to Daddy… I guarantee that you won’t break the black wenge dungeon table with an inset leather surface that I make for you…

By a freak, for freaks…

Who am I? I’m Nick. I build, service, and restore custom and one off vanilla cabinetry and furniture every day, yes it’s expensive and yes there is a waitlist, but it’s exactly what you want, and it’s all 100% hand made with premium materials and hardware, and bespoke to you and your space. Black Rope is no different but you can see my vanilla work elsewhere on the main website.

Discretion and privacy are provided and protected. Consultations and design sessions are done from the comfort of your home.

Welcome to the Black Rope Woodworking Studio by Contemporary Custom Renovations.

Stay safe, sane, and consensual my friends. I’m grateful you're here.

Thank you!

...and thank you to my muse, my fire, it's all because of you.

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