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Wet bar with reclaimed top and mantle.

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

What a fun project! The clients came to us with a wish to add a wet bar to their basement entertainment room so that they could entertain their guests with ease and preparedness.

We carefully crafted the countertop, shelves, and a matching mantle for the fireplace out of used railroad ties sealed with polyurethane. We added powered outlets inside the side cabinets for the coffee maker, a tip out drawer for sink convenience, a hand made liquor bottle drawer that slides out, it also has an adjustable grid system to keep different size bottles upright, and a beautiful drawer refrigerator and freezer. Soft close hinges and slides keep things moving smoothly The entire bar has its own adjustable lighting and is "Built-in" for the luxurious feel of completion to the room. Thank you Mike and Julie!

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