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Armchair Horsepower 🐎

Ideas are gaining momentum in the sketchbook this week… fueled by ludicrous amounts of horsepower and the graceful pulls of yesteryear's pens of design. An attempt to blend the elegance and the cacophony of mans ingenuity via the visceral experience that is the the automobile, with the rooms graced enough to house them.

Clearly a passion for me from a young age, now a challenge to my skills to bring the emotion and evocative nature of luxury and sports cars to the rest of the room that contains them or their spirit. Enter in a new feature to the blog and a new design language from Contemporary Custom:

The Coachwork Collection by Contemporary Custom.

I have begun with 3 marques that have held a sway on my life that has been unshakable in my journey. Ferrari, Aston Martin, and the crowned king, Bugatti. Each represents something different, each a philosophy and value to what makes a great and stunning automobile.

I‘ll be doing my best to honor their designs and craftsmanship, and tie them to the room by drawing from their respective design language and using materials found on or directly from each marque. Each piece is slated to be one off for each discerning client, as exclusive as their inspirations.

Here are the first sketches and drawings and the cars that inspired them.



Aston Martin Bar Hutch - A Gentleman's Luxury

Carbon fiber doors and burl wood silhouette insert, body in leopardwood with leather pulls inside directly from an Aston interior. Open to bespoke customization.


Bugatti Atlantic Arm Chair - Exquisite Flow

Aluminum arm to resemble the Bugatti C Line, and stainless elements with ebony woods and fine leather. Open to bespoke customization.


Ferrari 308 Arm Chairs - The Motion of Performance

Aluminum legs and red bloodwood body with genuine leather directly from the 308 interior. Open to bespoke customization.


Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to sharing more designs and creations with you! (sneak peak: how about a modern table designed after the Tesla Cybertruck?!)

Comment below with your thoughts!

Until next time!


ps- If you are interested in commissioning any of these designs please contact us!

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