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Fresh Logo ๐Ÿ‘Œ

This week we started to work on some branding a little... the business cards were out of date, and in the search to recreate them I decided to refresh our style a little. I wanted to keep a logo that could flood a business card so I went to Fiverr and hired a designer.

Now my experience with the designer himself was good, responsive and accommodating, and very helpful! Fiverr on the other hand... I'm not so fond of their interface, and did not find it intuitively easy to use, but I'll drop a link to my guy!

Bam! This guy!

I asked for a refresh of the old logo and not to much change because I really love it but needed a better set of files for it. They did that, but lo and behold creativity struck!

I love the new design and I cant wait to get the new business cards in! Keep an eye out for the new design on the website, on social media, and here on the blog.


In order to align with our core values of sustainability, resourcefulness, and frugality, the new business cards will also double as product tags! I'll be sure to show them off when they come in!

What do you think?!

Thanks so much for reading,


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