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Pull my knob.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

One of the most fun and most enjoyable parts of every consultation is breaking out the big book of hardware. This is when we look over several catalogs of beautiful, modern, elegant, grungy, wacky, playful, or even sparkly handles, pulls, knobs, and other finish pieces such as hinges.

Quick pro tip… always order an extra handle or two. I always order at minimum one extra just to be prepared. There often seems to be one that has a damaged thread or the screw breaks off, etc…

I absolutely love to sit down and break out these catalogs with clients because people seem to be able to find ways to express their style so well through something so simple. Sometimes we get a good laugh out of husbands and wives learning new things about each other 😉😆.

The catalog set is growing and moving as styles and trends change, and it can be a little overwhelming, so when you sit down with us or another designer we will ask questions about your style… the overall styles that pulls and cabinetry are broken down into are:





So think about your own style for a second. What do you think it is? Personally, I most often fall into the Contemporary vein (surprise, surprise right). I have a penchant to favor the bold nature of the modern design language, but growing up with old cars and a love for history, I have an appreciation for the traditional in its place. I can really enjoy mid-century modern vibes.

Heres a quick look at each style:

Contemporary can range from avant garde, modern blades and silhouettes to the simple clean everyday elegance, sometimes with a confident touch of class.

Traditional fixtures bring the rich history of our past craftsmanship and skills to view in timeless forms and materials. A particular focus and an old world craftsmanship bring a general feeling of care and home.

Transitional is a unique blend of the two! Think modern farmhouse, or playful elegance, a touch of home but bold statements of forward motion. Often a great choice for historical homes that are being brought into modernity, but still want to honor the classical language of the last age.

Rustic brings that rugged or hand made and outdoor texture and emotions to bear against the surfaces of your home. A touch or feel of wild and weather every time you interact with your home.

The tactile environments that we live with should facilitate the touch that reassures your senses into the harmony of your home. Thats the thing about design… you have to feel it.

Let’s talk about what moves you and refresh your kitchen, closet, or garage harmony!


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