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Room for three.

The month of January brought a wonderful opportunity to maximize a small condo for Kelly and Ed. They had just downsized after the kids started to leave but still needed space for an office and spare room for when their daughter came back from college.

It was said a few times that it is a common objection to these particular units is that they are all only two bedrooms... but not for them!

They had the idea to turn the dining space into an office with a window that could still look out and let in natural light from their gorgeous view of the lake.


So we went to work drawing and planning. The first obstacle was whether or not the existing columns were structural. After some careful deconstruction we determined that they were not.

Super! This really opened up the space and allowed to optimize the layout of the new room with a little more space than we thought before.

They already had purchased this door and we decided on going with a sliding pocket door setup to maintain space optimization. You can see framing completed below...

Next was wall coverings, and it was shiplap all the way for them! What do you think of the classic look of "nickel gap ship lap" ?

We added more shiplap behind the TV wall and gave everything a clean fresh coat of semi gloss white Sherwin Williams Super Paint. We also custom made the soft closing Bahama style plantation shutter, but more on that next week!

Thanks Kelly and Ed for a great opportunity to transform your home!


Thank you so much for reading and Happy Valentines day!


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