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The last tile... Majong!

This beautiful bathroom remodel is a little special, why? Because it's our last one. As we grow as individuals, craftsmen, as a business, and as our place in this wild industry changes sometimes we have to know our limitations...

I love laying tile backsplashes (and will continue to do so alongside our other work in the same kitchen) and I enjoyed creating this bathroom, but the time has come to step away from remodeling and into the shop for more cabinetry and custom woodworking.


This business has started to grow and require our full dedication to the fine craftsmanship through cabinetry and custom woodworking. I'm so very grateful for this client (whom we also did some light cabinet work for!) and the opportunity to practice our craftsman mindset in this bathroom by bringing their ideas to life!

My finest bathroom yet, so we're going out on top haha!


In conclusion, I'm so very grateful for the opportunity to work for Darryl and his family and create another great relationship. I'm grateful for their patience as we went through a few setbacks and design tweaks, and working with other contractors and their unexpected finds (as often happens by the way!) . I will still be doing the occasional backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom or tile inlays et cetera, but with this I say farewell to my time as a tiler.

Thanks to the universe for the lessons!


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