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The sawmill standard, a modern farmhouse mantle.

This week we look at a mantle made from oak that was supplied directly from the sawmill! Thank you for reading along!

This client has been working on their gorgeous new home! The were able to acquire a great deal of the custom timbers and lumber they needed directly from a local sawmill, YES! GO LOCAL! After they were done with the majority of the work they had a few boards of oak left. They reached out to us to turn those rough sawn boards into a beautiful modern farmhouse mantle.

So we took those boards and cut and planed, and cut and planed some more, and then sanded and glued, and then sanded some more... maybe some more glue, and then viola! A beautiful mantle! They also asked us to stain the new mantle and the matching shelves, and the main beam separating the kitchen and living room, all made from the same oak! Take a look below and see how it turned out!

Be on the lookout for next weeks post all about stain: The Good Kind Of Stain!

Thank you! Blessings to you and yours,


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